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Our Mission is to become the best solar project support software in the world.

We are a team with insane focus on impact, measurement and truth-seeking, working hard to make SolarBI the best tool for any solar project. 

You write your address 

Us everything you need for your solar project, no matter what size! 

Not just another solar software

Our Values

  1. To build awesome solar energy software products and services
  2. To be what our customers need, power by technology beyond the limits of imagination
  3. To inspire and lead our energy disruption
  4. To be supportive of our teammates, and our users

Solar data and information should be delivered in simple terms, with insane accuracy and cost-effective!

Our Key Elements.

Our Purpose Built the fastest and more complete solar energy software in the world.

Customers: Energy Retailers, Medium and Large Solar Farms, Universities and Research centres. 

FocusSolar installers, Homeowners, Builders, Consultants. 

Pain killers: Know the capacity, performance and cost of energy opportunities without an obligation to buy.

Think differently: we are a specialised search engine, our job is to collect, maintain and enrich data and give global access to it.  

Team DNA: Our team is young and hungry, all our developments are done in our unique infrastructure and design.

Resilience: We have found some stop signs and walls along the way we continue with the development and iterations until we find the right answer.

Priority: Focus on what’s critical. Spend only on the preferences and maximise efficiency.

WHo we are


We are a creative & technical team, passionate about changing the future of energy.

Jarrod Daley

Business Intelligence

Oscar Omegna


James Daley

Enviro Tech

Dex Ye

Technical Lead Cloud Computing

Colin Wang


Eric Dou


Hill Zhou

Cloud Computing



Suite 116,  838 Collins Street

Docklands VIC 3008


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