Jun-21 Energy Market News

Jun-21 Energy Market News

This month has been another action-packed month in the energy market. Below are the key highlights for the month:


  • The Victorian Government has announced a second Victorian Renewable Energy Target auction to help the state achieve 100% renewable electricity for government operations by 2025
  • CS Energy has committed to replacing the damaged Callide C power station unit
  • Snowy Hydro claims the grid needs another five gas fired generators and that 100% renewables is unachievable in Australia
  • Yallourn power station had to shut down three generator units due to flooded mines on 15 June leading the VIC government to declare a state of emergency. The power station was able to return to three-quarter capacity at the end of the month
  • AGL has announced that its proposed business split will be structured as a demerger
  • Supermarket giant Aldi has reached 100% renewables six months ahead of target
  • TasNetworks has stated that larger 1,500MW marinus proposal will deliver the greatest economic benefit to the market
  • The number of companies looking to sell Australian solar assets continues to rise
  • Chris Bowen, Federal Labor spokesperson for climate change and energy, held aloft a solar panel telling the Coalition government to not be afraid of renewable energy
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