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Alpha offer $150 AUD credits

Sign Up for an account with $150 aud in credit. Search and save unlimited addresses, select any plan to use them. 

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  • 7 Advanced Search
  • Unlimited Saved Searches
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24 hours response to ticket support

Monthly  Cost : $19 aud.


  • 15 Advanced Search
  • All Starter Features
  • API Access (coming soon)
  • 9 to 5 Chat Support

Monthly  Cost : $29 aud.


  • 30 Advanced Search
  • All Medium Features
  • API Access (coming soon)
  • 24/7 Live Support

Monthly  Cost : $49 aud.

*All free trials are on the $19 aud plan, in alpha live and chat support are not active yet.


Can I try before I buy ?

Sure! Signup is free, you can enjoy searching for any Australian address and the you will get a quick result you can save for later. We also have demo data exports for all states!

What's the data looks like ?

Quick results are June 2018 to Junes 2019 Direct Normal Irradiance grouped in months,  Advance search creates a CSV export with any combination for up to 30 years of data.

Where does the data come from ?

We collect data from many sources but it’s all validated and enriched by the Bureau of Meteorology  of Australia (BOM) 

You can find more about how is the data is collected in here

I don't want to sign up yet what can if do ?

Sign up activate alerts and email to notify you when your advance search is completed. An advance search it queries over 350Billion records, and converts 3 years into generation it may take up to 9 minutes.

If your not ready for the commitment, open the chat and ask for a demo account, we can give you 48hrs access to a free account

What do you mean by DNI & GHI data types ?

GHI : Solar global horizontal irradiance (GHI) is the instantaneous intensity of solar radiation falling on a horizontal surface. This product is derived from hourly satellite data. It gives a single instantaneous GHI value for every hour, at the time of the satellite observation


DNI : Solar direct normal irradiance (DNI) is the instantaneous intensity of solar direct beam radiation falling on a surface normal to the beam. This product is derived from global horizontal irradiance that is in turn derived from hourly satellite data

Can I downgrade at any time ?

Yes of course, we do monthly billing so we will finish the billing cycle and then we will downgrade your account. 

What can I do with Solar Irradiance data ?

You can do a lot, use it to for any size project to discover the solar resources available and build detailed feasibility study before making a financial decision, the variability of solar radiation is the greatest uncertainty in the performance of you solar project.

Still not sure ?

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