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Should I oversize my Solar Panel Array?

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James Daley

James Daley

Co-Founder @ SolarBI

Well… yes, you should, and this is why.

If you’re looking to install Solar PV on your rooftop, a key consideration is whether it’s worth the extra cash to oversize your Solar Array. But first, let’s understand what this means and why we’d even consider it.

Oversizing your Solar Panel array means installing more panels than the rated power input on your inverter can handle. 

Installing a photovoltaic system

Why would we do this, you say? Two reasons.


Pushing the edges of your energy generation. Oversizing your Solar Array allows you to generate more energy in the morning and afternoon.


You can gain the benefits of increasing the shoulders of your energy by producing energy for a longer part of the day. This means you can draw more energy from your Solar Array at the start and end of the sun rising and setting which usually results in less feed-in to the grid and more opportunity for you to utilise the energy you’ve generated.

Did you know, depending on where you live, your feed-in tariff varies?
Check out the current rates here

Sadly for most States and Territories, you’re generally better off using your energy than feeding it back into the grid. Oversizing your Solar Array gives you more time to use the energy you’ve generated.

Need help determining your solar potential?

Check out SolarBI, we do the heavy lifting for you.


Your Solar Panels rarely reach their maximum efficiency. When we look at the spec of Solar Panels, they are measured in ‘ideal’ conditions, but who lives in an ideal world. 

Because Solar Panels are sensitive, their efficiency is impacted by many things; temperature, shading, dust, angle, direction. So you can make up for some of the inefficiency by adding a few extra Solar Panels to your Solar Array.


Oversize your Solar Array by 10-20%. Check out how much Solar potential you have at SolarBI. And find the best feed-in tariffs around at EnergyMadeEasy

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