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Hi and thanks for stopping by at SolarBI blog.
We write about all things Solar, and we all have our different styles:

Carls is to the point and analytical, most information about the market or stats that. 

James is super knowledgable about solar in general but passionate about what it means to the environment.

Oscars is all about product, competitors and reviews. So beware he will try to shine a light on SolarBI every time he can. 

We will be adding more writers with time, if you want to publish something with Us, click on that bubble on the bottom right corner, and we will be back to you super-fast.

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SolarBI reviews Solcast

In the world of Solar Irradiance there are great services out there producing awesome data for solar projects. One of my favourites is Solcast, they

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Carl Daley

Roof-Top Solar Surges…

The 2019 statistics are now available from AEMO, and roof-top solar contributed 3.6% of total generation in the National Electricity Market. Roof-top solar generated more

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Solar BI Quick Results Solar Irradiance Search

Solar BI Alpha release

G’day folks! I’m Oscar Omegna, and I’m part of the founding team at SolarBI, I’m excited to introduce you to our Alpha release, what we

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democratising data

Our data

We collect data from many sources but it’s all validated and enriched by the Bureau of Meteorology  of Australia (BOM) 

You can find more about how data is collected in here

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